Young Talent Energizes Pittsburgh Area Open Stage

I recently attended an acoustic open stage a few miles north of Pittsburgh in New Kensington, PA at The Blind Pig Saloon. This neighborhood tavern is well known for it’s local, live entertainment and provides a nice rotation of weekly Thursday night acoustic acts to host their open stage.

Left-Derrick Beattie Right-Nick Guckert

(L) Derrick Beattie (R) Nick Guckert

The Blind Pig Saloon Mascot-New Kensington PA

The Blind Pig welcomes you!

Let me introduce you to a fairly new addition into the rotation: Derrick Beattie and Nick Guckert. Once a month (the 2nd Thurs of each month) these talented young men break away from their full band(s), “My Friday Slacks”, employing their acoustic guitar and vocal skills for this open stage. Derrick also plays with “Mojo-The Band”

Derrick and Nick singing at The Blind Pig Saloon

Two-Fifths of “My Friday Slacks”…Derrick & Nick going acoustic at The Blind Pig Saloon!

I first met Derrick about a year ago. I caught the tail end of a performance he and his band-mates from “Mojo-the Band” were playing. His tasty guitar playing caught my attention right away. I struck up a conversation with him and he told me of his Slacks band and the new video for their original tune “Help Me Out.” (scroll down to bottom of this page for MFS video)


A few months later he showed up with his “Slacks” partner Nick at The Gruuvee Monday open stage. They really put on a great show! I enjoyed it so much I’ve since been trying to get out to a “Slacks” show but it hasn’t been in the cards. Recently Derrick told me he and Nick were hosting the acoustic jam at the Pig I decided to check it out.

DSC04535 (2)

Oh to be young again! These guys put out an energy that never ends! Watching them perform makes for a pleasant evening of live music. They compliment each other so well on every song. You can feel the spiritual harmony between them!

Blind Pig Saloon outdoor sign

The Blind Pig Saloon outdoor sign. “2 of my Friday Slacks”

While both play guitar and sing, Derrick takes charge of the guitar leads and filler parts while Nick holds down the rhythm and draws in the attention of the crowd with his vocals and charismatic stage presence. Both performers are confident and you can feel it in every corner of the room when this duo takes the stage!

Video Medley-Derrick & Nick Acoustic at The Blind Pig

Derrick and Nick having a laugh.

Derrick & Nick being themselves!

While most of the song selection is geared towards a younger crowd, Derrick & Nick aren’t kidding around. They keep it professional, often accommodating customers twice their age with 60’s, 70’s & 80’s requests and doing them well! Music is not to be wasted for these guys, once they start a song, they give it everything they have!

Derrick & Nick Jamming

Nick’s diggin’ some of Derrick’s tasty lead playing!

Derrick Beattie, Nick Guckert, Jerry Thompson at The Blind Pig Saloon

Jerry Thompson sits in on bass as they open up the jam and cut loose!

While I was focused on Nick & Derrick with my video and photography that evening, there were many guest performers who got up and sang.

I was impressed with how well these young men took charge and accommodated the guest performers. They were attentive, friendly and helpful, never forgetting their role as open stage hosts. I think everybody in attendance had a great time that evening. You simply cannot help but like these two!

I think Derrick and Nick have a nice future in music ahead of them if they choose to take it and continue developing their craft. These guys are for real. They love it, they want it and they’ve got what it takes! Right here in Pittsburgh, PA! Thanks guys, keep it real and keep it fun.

DSC04623 (2)

Find out where Derrick & Nick are playing by visiting their Facebook pages. Show em a little little love and give them a like, then make plans to attend one of their upcoming shows!

“WARNING”…You will have fun…you will be entertained!

Mojo-The Band (Derrick plays lead)
My Friday Slacks – (Derrick, Nick & 3 others)
Acoustic Open Stage – (Derrick & Nick/Blind Pig…2nd Thursday)


Official Video from “My Friday Slacks” featuring their original song: “Help Me Out”

2 comments on “Young Talent Energizes Pittsburgh Area Open Stage
  1. Lisa says:

    Ray, beautifully written. I could not agree more. Love these guys. They are, as you wrote, professional, exceptionally talented and a really fun time. The Blind Pig is a wonderful place to enjoy live music as well!

  2. Tim Devinney says:

    Those two lads are fantastic hosts. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to them and the privilege of playing with Derrick.

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