The Sawyer Stepp Trio

The Sawyer Stepp Trio w/Ray & Smokey

“A quality, easy listening, full sounding trio band available for your relaxing venue”

 Pennsylvania! West Virginia! Ohio!




The Sawyer Stepp Trio has been together since late 2013. The band is fronted by Sawyer Stepp, handling the vocals & playing a strong acoustic rhythm guitar. Myself (Ray Sherman) playing the Telecaster and Jim “Smokey” Beach on percussion/vocals, although the trio occasionally uses percussionist Derrick Edwards or Bob DiCola if Smokey is not available.

“Contact me to Hire the Sawyer Stepp Trio”

The Sawyer Stepp Trio is unique and enjoyable for many reasons. The great sounding music is a good starter. The mix is clean, crisp and balanced. Patrons can relax and talk while the band is performing, yet the volume is loud enough to make for a festive environment.

The set list consists of a nice variety. Unless you are into punk, hard rock or death metal, there is likely something for you to enjoy from this band and most of the songs are recognizable to everyone.

What is arguably one of the most unique qualities of the SST, is witnessing the founder of this band, Sawyer Stepp, a young man in his early 20’s, performing songs from the 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, 30’s and even back to the roaring 20’s! It is always an unexpected yet pleasant surprise to be a first time listener, particularly if you are over 40.

The instrumentation is most unique in that the band makes good use of both electric and acoustic guitars. The acoustic fattens up the sound while the electric brings in the “zing” if you will, yet blended together, achieve a softer, easy listening acoustic type of sound. Add percussion and you’ve got a soft, yet full sound!

If you are seeking live entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere where the band shouldn’t overpower your patrons/guests conversations, consider hiring the Sawyer Stepp Trio! We welcome the opportunity to entertain at your party, venue or special event! Please contact me here for dates, availability or any questions you might have.

If you would like to hear us play in person, check our schedule. Stop in, enjoy the show and say hello!