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My experiences at various dark sky locations. Star gazing and milky way photographs.

Nebraska Star Gazing Photos Bortle 1

Brownlee Road Nebraska Night Sky Tree-Stars

It has been a great summer for me and my dark sky quests with my final destination being Valentine, Nebraska. I chose this location because it was the nearest Bortle Class 1 location from Pittsburgh, PA! A mere 2,000 miles

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Cherry Springs-Perseid Meteor Photo

Meteor Milky Way Landscape

Knowing that the 2016 Perseid’s meteor shower at peak time wasn’t looking good in the weather forecast, I decided to take a trip up to Cherry Springs state park a few days ahead of the scheduled outburst on August 11-12.

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Hearts Content Campground Star Gazing

Double shooting stars near Allegheny National Forest

The weather was near perfect for star gazing this Tuesday evening and it happened to be sister Debbie’s birthday! She was off work and up for the trekĀ  north to Warren, PA. We decided on Hearts Content camping area in

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Spruce Knob Night Sky-Day Views

Milky Way at Spruce Knob Mountain 7-10-2016

I first heard about Spruce Knob mountain of West Virginia last fall as my quest for seeking dark skies expanded. I read about it over the winter months and knew I was going to make the trip at some point

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Cherry Springs Night Sky & Bear

Cherry Springs Milky Way Short Term Parking Lot

As excited as I had been all winter for summertime dark sky trips, it’s hard to believe June is almost over and this is my first trip of 2016 to a rural PA area to see stars! This was my

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Star Gazing-Night Photography Allegheny National Forest

Milky Way seen from Queen Road with trees in foreground.

This past Thursday I made a trip to the Allegheny National Forest near Warren, PA to enjoy the stars and take some more pictures with my newly acquired Sony RX100. The trip was well worth it! I’m focused on what

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Cherry Springs State Park Star Gazing

Cherry Springs State Park sign along the road.

For the past few years I have been fascinated with the idea of star gazing in an area where there is little light pollution. Only recently did I learn of Cherry Springs Park in Pennsylvania. This park is one of

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