About Me

Hello! My name is Ray Sherman. I’m a lead guitar player from western Pennsylvania. I live in small town north of Pittsburgh, PA called Butler. I have over 30 years of stage experience playing a variety of music including Traditional Country, Blues, Classic Rock, Oldies, Fifties and even a little Bluegrass.

I play in several local bands and also fill in for bands when I can. I’m very comfortable filling in on short notice for older style country, blues and 50’s music, especially when there’s a rhythm guitar player in the band. I can also enhance the sound of a solo artist who plays acoustic guitar by adding “filler notes” around the rhythm and singing.

I have excellent, reliable equipment and transportation. I am willing to travel far for the right gig, up to about 120 miles from Butler. I’m easy to work with too!The Strat!

Do you need some lead guitar for your studio project? I’d love to help out! I’m very comfortable in the studio and quick at getting a good feel for your songs.

If you are in need of a substitute guitar player, whether it be for one night or one month, get in touch with me and let’s talk! Short notice, no problem. If I’m not playing, chances are good we can work it out and save your gig rather than you having to cancel! Playing guitar has become a passion for me. Of course we all like to earn a little extra money when we can, myself included, but the love of playing comes first with me! Don’t let the distance in miles stop you from contacting me for a small town gig! I’d rather play than sit at home!

I’m always interested in meeting other musicians, especially locally. I hit the open stages quite often! It’s a great way to meet other music lovers, players and listeners. (Especially singers, I don’t sing.) I’m always looking to add to my contacts, particularly bass players and solid “pocket” drummers who enjoy filling in with different bands. Do you know of a great open stage in your area? Let me know about it! I’d love to check it out!

Are you in the process of starting a new musical project? I’m interested! I prefer being in several different bands that play once or twice a month each rather than one band that plays 6 or 8 times a month. I enjoy the variety! If you have something going on or in the making that requires a lead guitar player and you are willing to work around my schedule (and me work around yours), give me a call and we can talk! (or better yet, we can set up a jam and see what happens!) I would love to audition for you!

Thanks for visiting my site. Please watch my videos and you’ll get a good idea of how I play, then use the contact form if you have any questions. Or just call me if you prefer!

*Please Note*
I play only non-smoking venues.  Thanks for your understanding!