Month: April 2015

Sweet Sounding Steel Guitar-Almost Converted

Joe Mastropietro's Pedal Steel Guitar-Red LeGrande

In the many years I’ve been playing with countless bands, I have only played a few dozen gigs with a steel guitar. That instrument is one I could never quite get comfortable with. The chords were often clashing with my

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Festive Evening in Westmoreland County

Greg, Ed, Mick, Ray, Freddye

This past Saturday evening I sat in on guitar with Miss Freddye’s Blues Band, filling in for their regular guitar player who was out of town. Ed Bennett also played guitar as MF’s lap steel man was also unavailable that

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Trio Fun in Pulaski, PA

Ray Sherman, Sawyer Stepp, Smokey

This past Saturday I found myself at Nova Cellars Winery in Pulaski, PA with The Sawyer Stepp Trio. We’ve played there a handful of times over the past year but this particular evening was especially nice. For starters, the weather

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Fun Times in Austin Texas

Cool Mural near 6th street Austin, TX

This is the final post on my visit to Austin. I covered my extraordinary evening at The Evangeline Cafe which I invite you to read. I also posted a video on that page of the amazing King Joe & his

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What is the Austin music scene like?

Bird Legg at Maggie Mae's Austin, TX

I’ve been to Austin twice now. Both times were very enjoyable. Obviously I haven’t been there long enough to qualify as an expert in any way, shape or form, but I’ll give you my thoughts on the music scene from

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Austin Texas Trip at The Evangeline Cafe

Ray Sherman watching Joe King @ The Evangeline Cafe

My vacation in Austin, TX was fantastic! There was never a problem finding something to do, especially with my friend Grady Humble playing tour guide for us when he could! I want to focus on one particular night for this

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